Vancouver School rankings from the Fraser Institute understanding affects on Housing market



Vancouver housing prices are dramatically affected by a number of important pieces of criteria, one of the main factors for a lot of Parents, especially immigrant parents, is how the secondary school of the property for sale catchment ranks with the Fraser Institute.

You will notice that West side homes in Vancouver are substantially higher than those on the East Side of the city, while location is a major factor in the prices of these established neighbourhoods we also see prices in neighbourhood to neighbourhood change yearly based on the annual Fraser Institute report.

Private schools tend to rank in the top 5 each year, the price of homes change based on the catchment of the public schools due to children living in these areas being given enrolment.  Lord Byng school has been ranked very high this year and in turn prices of houses and land value “knock down” houses have seen a dramatic increase in prices due to parents wanting to enrol their children in this highly ranked school.

Earlier this year I sold a property on 21st Avenue for $1,710,000 which was a record price for a 33′ lot West of Dunbar. This was mainly driven by the rankings provided below.

The Fraser Institute is an independent Canadian public policy research and educational organization with active research ties with similar independent organizations in more than 80 countries around the world. We are often referred to as a “think tank” and have been ranked by a University of Pennsylvania study as the top think tank in Canada.

Our School Report Cards offer detailed tables showing how well schools performed in academics over a number of years. By combining a variety of relevant, objective indicators of school performance into one easily accessible public document, the school report cards allow teachers, parents, school administrators, students, and taxpayers to analyze and compare the academic performance of individual schools.

Parents can use the school report cards to compare the academic performance of schools when choosing a school for their children.

Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2011-12 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 30
1/284 1/260 York House Vancouver 10.0 10.0 Add to compare
1/284 2/260 Trend up Crofton House Vancouver 10.0 9.8 Add to compare
4/284 3/260 Trend down St George’s Vancouver 9.5 9.7 Add to compare
5/284 3/260 Trend down West Point Grey Vancouver 9.3 9.7 Add to compare
5/284 6/260 Little Flower Vancouver 9.3 9.6 Add to compare
15/284 11/260 Vancouver College Vancouver 8.6 8.9 Add to compare
18/284 13/260 University Hill Vancouver 8.4 8.7 Add to compare
18/284 28/260 Trend up King David Vancouver 8.4 7.9 Add to compare
21/284 16/260 Lord Byng Vancouver 8.3 8.5 [added]
37/284 23/260 Prince Of Wales Vancouver 7.7 8.0 Add to compare
44/284 46/260 Magee Vancouver 7.5 7.4 Add to compare
54/284 41/260 Point Grey Vancouver 7.3 7.5 Add to compare
57/284 61/260 Sir Winston Churchill Vancouver 7.2 7.1 Add to compare
66/284 61/260 Kitsilano Vancouver 7.1 7.1 Add to compare
66/284 61/260 St Patrick’s Vancouver 7.1 7.1 Add to compare