Vancouver Foreclosure | Court Ordered Sales list updated October 31st 2013


Vancouver Foreclosure List – Updated OCTOBER 31ST, 2013
Currently 20 attached foreclosure properties and 4 Detached foreclosure properties on the Vancouver Foreclosure property market.

Vancouver Foreclosure Properties

Vancouver Court Ordered Sales

Even in a city like Vancouver with a strong Real Estate market properties fall into Foreclosure. I list and sell many foreclosure properties in the city of Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and the rest of the lower mainland. Working with an agent who knows how to deal with the banks, lawyers, and contract is vital. Buying and selling foreclosure properties is not a standard transaction. Most agents have zero, or a very limited, knowledge of these transactions.

I have handled numerous foreclosure listings in Vancouver with a number of different banks and lawyers.

I assure you the foreclosures I have handled in the last few years have been handled with the utmost professionalism resulting in sales every time.

If you are a bank or lawer handling a foreclosure file please let me know and I will send you further information about my history of success.

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A sample of current Foreclosure listings on MLS. Click the link above for details.


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