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Park 17th and Yukon | 3276 Yukon Street | City of Vancouver has purchased a lot and is turing it into a new city park.

The new park under discussion is located at the northeast junction of W 17th Avenue and Yukon Street in the Mount Pleasant Community. The park includes the adjacent 3200 block of Yukon

The original residential lot was acquired by the City of Vancouver in the spring of 2013 for $1,640,000. Mount Pleasant is deficient in park space within walking distance for residents, so when the parcel became available for sale it was acquired for park purposes with the intention of filling a gap in the citywide matrix of parks and open spaces.

The design incorporates the three facets of sustainability (social, ecological, and economic) and will stand the test of time as a community amenity into the future. The following points summarize the aspects of the design that are mindful of the Park Board’s Strategic Plan:

– Parks and Recreation for All: The park design will focus on promoting active living and strive to ensure activities and accessibility for all ages and abilities. Specific elements include playground features, benches, a community hub and all ages and abilities accessibility.

Park Board Meeting – January 19, 2015

  • –  Leader in Greening: The Park will include the addition of 12 new trees, a street to green space conversion, and horticultural plantings that focus on enhancing pollinator habitats.
  • –  Excellence in Resource Management: The Park will maintain the existing large maple on site, utilize salvaged boulders from a nearby construction site, and prolong the life of nearby storm water infrastructure by increasing the permeability of the site. The park will also be constructed to ensure high durability and low maintenance.
  • –  Engaging People: The Park Development process has reached out to community members through two separate open house events and engaged specific groups such as HUB Vancouver, Project Green Block and The Vancouver Public Space Network. The design is supported by City of Vancouver Engineering.


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Park 17th and Yukon

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